The Best Thing I’ve Watched Today: Temple Grandin’s Autism, Drawing, and Design: Insights into Innovation and Creativity

by rferron

Temple Grandin. What more do I need to say?

I was first introduced to Temple Grandin by her association with the book “Drawing Autism“… which is a stunning collection of artwork done by various people with autism and how they perceive the world (Each piece in the book includes a summary.)


Disability seems to be a topic that I think most people have a level of discomfort talking about (Perhaps for a couple reasons: either, because of a vague understanding of what disability is at all –and the innate fear of not being ‘normal’–, or because of in an unsettledness with thinking about the world as possibly being different from what they, themselves, know and experience….)

However, I think that Temple Grandin has done some extraordinary work in communicating the value of multiple ways of thinking. She highlights the connections to the underlying neurology (and how maybe it’s less about ‘normalcy’, and more about deeper understandings of how the science works)  …and she is a walking example of the resulting accomplishments that alternate methods of problem-solving can allow in any given field. < piles and piles of admiration >

The videos below are from a User-Experience conference a few years ago, but are laced with many great, simple bits of information. And I love the Q&A dialogue about the impact of mentors and society at the end of part 2.

Part 1

Part 2