The Best Thing I’ve Seen Today: Tom Waits & Anton Corbijn book

by rferron


This engrossing photographic book by Tom Waits and Anton Corbijn is the celebration of an artistic collaboration that reaches back more than 35 years.  I want this book so, so very much.


The NYTimes preview (here) about it probably sums up the tone of Waits & Corbijn best—>  Tom Waits drives fast, one-handed, while talking, according to the photographer Anton Corbijn, his longtime collaborator and sometime highway companion. “It’s quite dangerous,” Corbijn says. “He tries to hit people. It really makes sense to stop the car often.” If Waits and Corbijn didn’t pull over so frequently, they might not have created some of the freewheeling images that make up “Waits/Corbijn ’77-’11,” a book of photographs and commentary that comes out May 8. Waits says they work well together in part because of their similar disdain for fuss. “He works alone,” the singer-songwriter says of Corbijn. “He brings no crew. Which I like, because I don’t like large groups, and some photographers come with family and dogs and crew. So we just kind of go off out into the world and think of something that might be interesting to look at.” –Julie Bosman
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