The Best Thing I’ve Seen Today: MPR news — Same-sex marriage votes compared

by rferron

Firstly–  With the passing of a pivotal vote today, the Minnesota House positioned the state to become the 12th in the country to allow gay marriages and the first in the Midwest to pass such a law out of its Legislature. The 75-59 vote was seen as the critical step for the measure, which would allow same-sex weddings beginning Aug. 1. (MN-proud!)

Secondly, Minnesota Public Radio has a cool tool to be able to see which way representatives voted (or even how your neighborhoods voted back in the Fall)…. Backstory: In November 2012, Minnesota voters rejected a constitutional amendment that would have defined marriage as only between one man and one woman, which would have blocked a judicial or legislative path for same-sex marriage. At the same time, voters elected a majority DFL legisature, which has now voted on legislation to legalize same-sex marriage. This map compares the will of the voters as seen in November 2012 with how legislators voted in May 2013.


The wording of the constitutional amendment up for a vote in 2012 meant that voting “Yes” was a vote to keep marriage between one man and one woman. The vote by the legislature to legalize same-sex marriage is the opposite; “Yes” votes to legalize same-sex marriage. (via MPR news)