The Best Thing I’ve Seen Today: Michael Lanning’s Animation Experiments

by rferron

A co-worker and I were talking earlier in the week and he showed me this site because it’s built on the Semantic gridsystem (reason #1 I like this site: responsive, semantic gridsystem, what?! love it.) After clicking around a little, it’s obvious that Michael Lanning is a really impressive designer/developer combo (reason #2: It’s rare to excel at both.) But really, I’m just straight-up amused and inspired by the animation experiments. (reason #3: Passion to the level where someone would experiment/learn/explore new techniques on their own time is such an invaluable thing, and I’m growing to appreciate it more and more as I seem to see it less and less frequently.) (via @pkander)

Carrot Chase (see the site):


Saurondipity (see the site):