The Best Thing I’ve Seen Today: Sundance Refresh

by rferron

At first I was a little wary of how simple the new Sundance logo appeared, but seeing the whole pallette of use, the new identity appears to be flexible and even edgy.  And better yet, the company itself seems to be interested in pushing the boundaries in action, too, with their latest “Hollywood & Vines” collaboration with Airbnb. (via FastCoCreate)


As mentioned above, the Sundance Channel brand is also staying involved in great little innovative projects, including this one with Airbnb, leveraging twitter and vine.

Titled “Hollywood & Vines,” the film project is soliciting individual clips from users, to be shared on Vine and Twitter, that will be edited into one cohesive film. From now until Sunday, Airbnb will be releasing shot lists, each complete with a storyboard frame, for specific and slightly abstract shots required, such as “a paper airplane flies through diverse landscapes, left to right” or “a paper airplane flies through several tight spots. It barely makes it!” Anyone whose Vine gets chosen for the final film will receive $100 to spend on Airbnb. The film will then air on Sundance Channel on September 12.(via Fast CoCreate)