The Best Thing I’ve Seen Today: Kelli Anderson’s Human Body App

by rferron

Normally I try to at least attempt to briefly summarize the projects/bits of internet I feature here….  but really, this one is just too epic to not direct you straight to her process-filled blog post about it:


“Anderson worked with friends who own Tinybop, a com­pany that cre­ates systems-thinking apps for chil­dren, to pro­duce over 200 illus­tra­tions of parts of the human body — bones, nerves, teeth, guts, even chewed-up food — to show the diges­tion process.

In addi­tion to the required draw­ings, she also worked on an unso­licited, secret side project for Tinybop — an unglossy stop-motion app video she made out of paper, glue, and other arti­cles orig­i­nat­ing from her desk drawer. What she ended up pro­duc­ing is so inspir­ing and cre­ative that you need to watch the video to see for your­self. To read more about Kelli’s process and the Human Body app, visit her blog post where she describes her process.” (via DesignWorkLife)