The Best Thing I’ve Seen Today: Sitko’s ‘The Fortune Wild’ trailer

by rferron

I came across the trailer for “The Fortune Wild” as part of an article headlining “If Wes Anderson Made a Surfing Movie“… I mean, how could I not click?? I love Wes Anderson, and surfing seems cool.

It’s a clever little trailer, and I poked around about the film-makers a bit more. Come to find out, it’s actually all backed by a company that sells outdoor goods. Rather than fund a bunch of traditional marketing, they’re creating entertaining little films.

This one is a dialogue between two friends stranded on an island: 

And this is a short-film that’s more of an awareness piece, combining surfing and environmental journalism on a trip into the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest, where they showcase the region and the issues confronting it:

The company describes the approach: “We’re looking to do fun things and make our jobs enjoyable by creating something new,” says Gauthier. “But how can we do that so we’re also helping the company? We’re not a bunch of suits sitting around and coming up with a branded content strategy. At the core is this idea of making fun things and make them so interesting and entertaining that other people will want to see it, share it, and get excited about it themselves.”

There’s nothing overly profound about them, I think there’s just something about the non-traditional marketing approach, and authenticity of the videos that struck me.