The Best Thing I’ve Seen Today: Arcade Fire’s “Just a Reflektor”

by rferron

“It’s been over three years since Arcade Fire released their critically acclaimed record The Suburbs. Recalling “The Wilderness Downtown,” the short film they had built for a “We Used to Wait” off The Suburbs, the Canadian indie-rock band have an exciting multimedia experience ready for “Just a Reflektor” from their forthcoming release.

Last Monday, the band released a video announcing the debut the title track off the forthcoming Reflektor. The video ends with an image with what is assumed to be Reflektor‘s album art along with text that reads “9/9 9 p.m. (9:30 Newfoundland)”.

What ensues is a tethered video experience that reacts based on the positioning of your smartphone (or mouse, if you’re without a compatible phone). In various scenes, you control beams of light, which seem to morph into a style of marionette strings on the video’s protagonist.” (via 89.3 The Current)

View: Just a Reflektor