The Best Thing I’ve Seen Today: The Island Continent’s “Studies in Broadcast Colour”

by rferron


In their words, ‘Studies in Broadcast Colour’ by The Island Continent is an explo­ration into the way colour is ren­dered and trans­lated through the red, green and blue chan­nels of obso­lete Cathode Ray Tube or CRT tele­vi­sion sets. Taken using mod­ern dig­i­tal SLR pho­tog­ra­phy of a sta­tic colour broad­cast via a 1988 Phillips Natural 14″ CRT Tube Television, this is part of an ongo­ing series of colour, mov­ing image and archival tele­vi­sion stud­ies mag­ni­fied through the RGB CRT screen. (via The Island Continent)