The Best Thing I’ve Seen Today: Unicorn Institute Courses funded via Kickstarter

by rferron

Design and technology generalists who can work in user experience (UX) design are so rare and highly prized that they are called unicorns in the web world.  “It’s hard to find these mythical magical creatures that have a holistic mix of design skills, research skills, content strategy, business savvy, leadership and software development, but these kinds of design generalists are really important within a company,” Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman says. “We are focused on creating industry-ready designers who can, on day one of getting a job in a professional setting, jump in and be an asset to the company without a whole bunch of onboarding.”

Jared Spool and Jensen-Inman teamed up to bring their vision of creating a holistic UX design program for adult learners—a program focused on both technical and interpersonal skills through project-based learning—to Center Centre school.